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How To Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl siding is a durable, attractive option for home siding that's been popular for years. Found throughout Mobile, AL, it's a versatile and affordable option for almost any building. It's relatively low maintenance, too, so a yearly wash should be perfect for keeping away grime and organic growth. Keep reading for tips on pressure washing vinyl siding.

1. Prep the surrounding landscaping by watering plants that might come into contact with the runoff. Although most cleaners are environmentally friendly, you still don't want your plants to absorb too much of them. Water on the roots and leaves helps dilute them. A general rule of thumb is that plants with thinner leaves require a bit more water.

2. Use the right cleaners. Read the labels to make sure you use the right kind of cleaner for your siding material. You'll be pouring this cleaner into the pressure washer's reservoir. Some experts say you can use bleach and dish soap if you don't have time to buy the right cleaner. We don't recommend this because you can easily cause oversudsing this way.

3. Attach the soaping nozzle to the pressure washer. Then spray the cleaner and water onto the siding. Go from bottom to top in wide arcs, but be sure to point the nozzle at a downwards angle. Be careful not to spray up underneath the siding or into the seams, as this can direct water behind the vinyl and cause damage.

4. Cleaning with a brush, aka elbow grease, is necessary for some stains. Use a soft-bristle brush to clean the vinyl. If you want to minimize your time on a ladder, invest in a long-handled brush to reach tough spots.

5. Rinse the siding clean. Instead of spraying from bottom to top like when you apply the cleaner, you should rinse from top to bottom. Afterward, you're done! Enjoy your clean siding, and keep an eye out for other projects.

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