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How To Pressure Wash Asphalt Shingles


Have you noticed moss or ugly stains on your asphalt roof? If you're ready to get your shingles spotless, consider soft washing, a form of pressure washing. It's a powerful and environmentally friendly method for roof cleaning that will leave your home or commercial roof looking great. If you're interested in doing the job yourself, keep reading for steps on how to soft wash your asphalt-shingle roof.

Prepare the surrounding area

The first step for any soft washing project is to protect anything around the home that the rinse could drip on. Although the cleaners used are environmentally friendly, you'll still want to water any plants to make sure they don't suck up too much of the runoff. A good rule of thumb is that plants with thinner leaves need more water to properly dilute them.

Get your equipment ready

Buy or rent a pressure washer and fill the reservoir with an approved cleaner. Be sure to follow all the instructions, since the type of cleaner varies with how high your roof pitch is. Cleaners for steep roofs need to stick to the surface better than other kinds.

The goal is to do all the work from the ladder, so figure out where you're going to set it as you move around the building. You'll want a flat surface on the ground and a place where it won't crush the gutter on top. And watch out for overhead lines, especially with an aluminum ladder!

Apply the cleaner

Get to a secure place at the top of the ladder and spray on the cleaner using the 25-degree nozzle, which is typically colored green. For the pressure settings, keep it around 150 pounds per square inch (PSI). This is about twice the pressure level of a garden hose. You want to be careful pressure washing asphalt shingles, or you could blast away the roofing pellets and cause other damage.

When applying the cleaner, start from the top and work downwards in overlapping arcs. Resist the urge to put extra cleaner on tough spots. One layer should work just fine. Let the cleaner sit for about 40 minutes. If a stain is still there, apply one more dab of cleaner to it.

Rinse or wait for the rain

At this point, you can either leave the cleaner on for the next rain shower, or you can rinse it off yourself. You should be left with asphalt shingles free of streaks, debris, and organic growth. If you're interested in getting a roof this clean, but you'd rather leave the hassle to the pros, then call Cousins' Power Wash to pressure wash your asphalt shingles. You'll be amazed at the results!

Let Cousins' Power Wash pressure wash your asphalt shingles the right way with soft washing.

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